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Contemporary Dance and Ballet Classes in Shellharbour

Hype Performance Studios is a creatively inspiring place where you can learn a variety of dance styles including contemporary and ballet.

Drop by our studio if you want to learn more about our classes. We are located in Warilla.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is all about expressing emotion through organic movements and unrestricted lines. The choreography usually tells a story or portrays a theme and relies greatly on the dancers to use feeling and imagination. Under the guidance of dedicated and qualified teachers, Hype Performance Studios is committed to providing all students with enjoyable classes, while also giving expert dance education. Our contemporary dance classes encourage self-expression, natural movement and personal interpretation. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us.

Contemporary dance puts emphasis on natural movement and personal interpretation

Contemporary Dance & Ballet Classes Shellharbour
Contemporary Dance & Ballet Classes Wollongong

Ballet Dance

Described as the foundation for all forms of dance, ballet is based on standard techniques, steps and poses developed over centuries.

It is a disciplinary art form that emphasises execution of movement.

At Hype Performance Studios, we teach ballet to all age groups.

Our classes help develop flexibility, strength and coordination.

They also help you boost your confidence as you move through elegant and graceful choreography.

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Enhance your flexibility and self-confidence through ballet dance

Our Team Is:

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Knowledgeable and experienced dance instructors

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